Praxiem is active in the Ottawa Internet of Things (IoT) community. This includes speaking about IoT, its dimensions and its wide ranging impacts through praxiemTalks.

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Internet of Thing – Things You Need to Know

Below are some of our past praxiemTalks.

TALK TITLE : Demystifying Internet of Things

TALK DATE: Saturday, February 24, 2018

HOSTED BY: Global Legal Hackathon – Ottawa

VENUE: Innovation Centre, Bayview Yards, 7 Bayview Road, Ottawa

Professional Development Event:

Workshop on Internet of Things (IoT) & Design Thinking


Walter Knitl, Principal – Praxiem
Nilufer Erdebil, CEO – Spring2 Innovation

HOSTED BY: ASQ Canada Ottawa Valley Section

DATE: Thursday, November 23, 2017

VENUE: Innovation Centre, Bayview Yards, 7 Bayview Road, Ottawa


The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. Whether applied to wearables, connected transportation, industrial automation, drones or smart cities, it’s poised to deliver great benefits along with new challenges.

Presentation by Praxiem introduced participants to IoT – its architecture, verticals, some technologies as well as IoT benefits and challenges.

Spring2 Innovation then introduced attendees to the Design Thinking as a way to fully deliver on the benefits and tackle the challenges. Teams of workshop participants practiced Design Thinking to solve a couple of IoT use cases – “Attack of the Drones” and “Daycare Wearables”.

TALK TITLE : Internet of Things – the What, Why and Hyperbole

HOSTED BY: Telfer School of Management

CONFERENCE: Telfer MBA Conference Series – The Future of Cybersecurity

DATE: Saturday, November 18, 2017

VENUE: Telfer School of Management – University of Ottawa, Desmarais Building

TALK TITLE : Internet of Things – Opportunity for Design

HOSTED BY: Carleton University School of Industrial Design

CONFERENCE: Four x Four: Design & the Fourth Industrial Revolution

DATE: Thursday, November 16, 2017

VENUE: La Charrette, 460 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa

SEMINAR: Internet of Things – Things You Need to Know

HOSTED BY : TiE Institute Ottawa

VENUE: Centurion Conference & Event Center, Ottawa


Walter Knitl, Principal – Praxiem
Nilufer Erdebil, CEO – Spring2 Innovation


The Internet of Things (IoT) will touch all of us and is poised to deliver great benefits and opportunities for innovation, as well as some cautionary risks.  So – what is it, how can we maximize its benefits and minimize the risks.

The presentation delivered by Praxiem broke down the siloed impressions of IoT and exposed the full scope of the IoT space.  Borrowing from Praxiem’s full IoT workshop, it also covered aspects of IoT architecture, several application verticals and other topics to help attendees discover IoT opportunities and pitfalls.

Spring2 Innovation then introduced attendees to the Design Thinking method for innovating and de-risking solutions.  With further guidance from Spring2 Innovation attendees used design thinking in groups to solve several IoT use cases based on the verticals discussed in the first part of the seminar.

TALK: Internet of Things – Things You Need to Know

VENUE: The Marshes Golf Club, Ottawa

ABSTRACT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is upon us and with it the beginnings of the biggest techno-socio-economic paradigm shift since the printing press. It will touch us all irrespective of our sphere of endeavour or way of life. It’s poised to deliver great benefits, but also some cautionary side effects. So what is it? The answer is likely coloured by your background, biases and your first touchpoints with IoT, resulting in many siloed perspectives. Individual silos may separately hold that IoT is mainly about sensors, or data, or 5G, or machine learning, or security risk, or social risk, and so on. A hardware designer’s silo is different from the data scientist’s, which is different from that of the government policy wonk. Ever hear of “to a hammer everything’s a nail” or “six blind men and the elephant” – it also applies to IoT. This seminar breaks down the siloes by exploring the full IoT space through its several dimensions, and its impacts.

TALK: Internet of Things – Impact and Opportunity as Civic Tech

VENUE: OpenConcept Consulting Inc., Ottawa

ABSTRACT: The Internet of Things (IoT) age is upon us with disruptive impact on business, work life, economy and society. But what is it exactly, what impact can it have on society, and what opportunities does it present for social good?

TALK: Internet of Things

VENUE: Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa

ABSTRACT: The Internet of Things (IoT) age is upon us with disruptive impact on business, work life, economy and society. It’s poised to deliver both great benefits and cautionary side effects. But, what is it exactly? Get the 360 degree view of IoT encompassing the architecture and verticals (or solutions) dimensions, as well as some key domains of interest such as technology, security and societal impacts. To get the most out of IoT, knowing is half the battle.


VENUE: Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa

DESCRIPTION: Full day workshop covering various topics on the business of IoT presented by business experts in Ottawa, including

  • Is Your Idea Feasible?
  • Getting Funded
  • Legal & Privacy Considerations
  • High Growth Considerations: Finance & Tax
  • Concept to Production
  • Key Messages and Brand Development

PANELIST : How To Get to 5G

VENUE: Ottawa Marriott Hotel, Ottawa

DESCRIPTION:  Panel discussion on how to get to 5G including its importance and interplay with Internet of Things.

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