Every organization and enterprise must innovate its products, services, operations, or governance to remain relevant. Innovation is your secret sauce and differentiator, but it doesn’t stand alone – it needs Discovery and Delivery to give it cause and impact.

Praxiem provides technology-associated consulting and team augmentation to help you discover your needs and drivers to innovate, facilitate the discovery-founded innovation, and deliver your innovation with impact. That includes advice, discovery research and reports, training, mentoring, writing, speaking on emerging technologies and market or societal shifts, or being contracted as a team member.

Our expertise envelops digital, communications, and electronic technologies, digital transformation, and the Internet of Things – and related market, societal, and governance matters.

To stay relevant you must Embrace the Unthinkable, and our DISCOVER,  INNOVATE,  and  DELIVER services will let you do that.  They also crucially underpin our Product Management services to achieve net-benefits alignment with your customers and constituents for product, service, or governance success. You will reduce your risk and time to deliver your innovation and strengthen your return on innovation investment.


Walter Knitl
CEO and Principal Consultant

Walter is the CEO, founder, and principal consultant at Praxiem, with over three decades of experience in the information, communications, and digital technology sector. He has an extensive and diverse background in product management, hands-on software and hardware research and development, commercial and account management, standards development, and technology acceleration at several global corporations and a provincial center of excellence.

He managed products in all phases of the product lifecycle from concept through definition and feasibility, development, general availability to end of life.

His achievements range from introducing profitable market-leading products at global telecom vendors to assisting smaller Ontario companies to become more competitive through adopting new technologies in their products.

Walter is a proponent of the Internet of Things for Canada’s economic growth and societal good, carried out through his talks and workshops, hosting the iotNorth’s ThingsHappen podcast,  and co-chairing the National Strategy Council as a board member at AIoT Canada.

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