Praxiem – What’s in the Name​

By Walter Knitl – CEO at Praxiem

At Praxiem we help turn ideas into products through practical actions and the application of our knowledge and real-world experience in product management, high-tech development and commercial management. We are the practice or a shop, a virtual emporium, our clients come to for both guidance on product realization and for hands-on actions and deliverables.

Our name borrows from two words that reflect what we are and what we do – praxis and emporium

The first part praxi comes from praxis, a word with several related meanings – translating ideas into action; practical application or exercise of a branch of learning; application or use of knowledge or skills; the practice and practical side of a profession or field of study; deed, act, action; a practice.

 The second part em and iem come from the first part of emporium (em) and strengthened by rhyming with the last part (ium).  Emporium has several related meanings – a marketplace; a place of business; a shop or retail store selling a variety of items; a commercial center.

Praxiem is a practice where you can shop to turn ideas into practical actions and results, and ultimately successful products, services, and policies.